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Self-Seer II (Death and Man), 1911

Leopold Museum,
Oil on canvas
80.5×80 cm


  • Egon Schiele

    (Tulln 1890–1918 Vienna)

Currently on display at OG3
In this square painting, which the artist titled Self-Seer as well as Death and Man, Egon Schiele (1890–1918) once again explores the motif of the self-portrait as the portrait of a self a crisis – an individual that has lost the security of being “indivisible”. As in an earlier version of the theme, which is now lost, Schiele breaks up the unity of the figure by adding a shadowy double. The Self-Seer aims at a heightened self-perception which exceeds rational recognition and which is accompanied by an act of distancing manifested in the figure – lost in introspection with its eyes closed – and its pale revenant. The notion of dissociation is further enhanced by a hand which protrudes into the picture from below and which cannot be attributed to either figure. Schiele’s querying, tentative drafts of the self, which express the crisis of the subject on a pictorial level, today form the arguably most virulent part of his oeuvre and serve as a symbolic representation of Austrian Expressionism.


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Object data

  • Egon Schiele
Self-Seer II (Death and Man)
Art movement
Oil on canvas
80.5×80 cm
Signed and dated lower left: S. 11.
Credit line
Leopold Museum, Vienna, Inv. 451
Inventory access
Contributed to the Leopold Museum-Privatstiftung in 1994
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