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The Birthplace of Viennese Modernism

The year 1897 marked a turning point in the Danube metropolis, with the foundation of the Vienna Secession heralding the beginning of Modernism in Austrian visual arts. Among the artists’ association’s founding members were Gustav Klimt (1862–1918), Koloman Moser (1868–1918), Carl Moll (1816–1945), Josef Hoffmann (1870–1956) and Joseph Maria Olbrich (1867–1908). These artists espoused a paradigm shift within the Austrian art scene, and made it their mission to create a platform for contemporary and international art. The association’s name – Ver Sacrum (“Holy Spring”) – illustrated the desire to expedite a new artistic awakening, and also became the title of its art magazine founded the same year as the Secession’s mouthpiece. In 1898, Olbrich designed the Secession’s exhibition venue on the Naschmarkt – a building which manifested all the new ideas of the association.
Semi-Nude Self-Portrait
Portrait of Valentine Godé-Darel
Portrait of the Father Emil Gerstl
Portrait of the Reserve Lieutenant Alois Gerstl
Meadow with Trees
Smaragda Berg
Girl in Front of the Mirror
Portrait of Mrs. Huber
Lady in a Fur Coat (The Artist's Wife)
Hohe Warte in Wintertime
Prater Scene
Seated Woman in Red Dress (Helene Zarci)
In Schönbrunn
Hauling Wood in Winter
Seated Woman (Marietta)
Lady in Red
Female Nude with Mask Before the Mirror
Capriccio with Gilded Fan
Forest Pond with Water Lilies
Standing Woman with Raised Forearms. Study for the Dancer from *Expectation* from the *Stoclet Frieze*
Ars. Ex Libris of the Union of Austrian Visual Artists (Secession)
Ver Sacrum. Theseus and Minotaur. Poster for the 1st Exhibition of the Secession. (Version Prior to Censorship)
Poster Design for Ver Sacrum, the First Major Art Exhibition of the Secession
Poster for the 5th Exhibition of the Vienna Secession
The Insinuation
Lady with Hat
Monthly Publication “November 1914” in the Shape of a Fanfold
Memorial in the Park
Grete Wiesenthal in a Landscape
He-Goat, Smoking. Design for a Secession poster
Poster for the 14th Exhibition at the Vienna Secession
Poster for the 10th Exhibition at the Vienna Secession
Armchair for the Dining Room of the Wagner Apartment, Köstlergasse 3
Grinzingerstraße 64 in Heiligenstadt near Vienna, where Beethoven lived with Grillparzer in the summer of 1808. Place of composition of the Pastoral, from the series: Beethoven Houses
Gustav Klimt in front of his studio in Feldmühlgasse 11, Vienna
Koloman Moser, smoking
Gustav Klimt in Profile
Portrait of Gustav Klimt, Half-Left
Gustav Klimt
Gustav Klimt in profile with his hand on his chin
Gustav Klimt in profile with his hand on his chin
Gustav Klimt seated with hands in his lap
"Ver Sacrum", magazine of the Union of Austrian Artists, founders' issue, July 1898, 1st year, no. 7
"Ver Sacrum", magazine of the Union of Austrian Artists, regular issue, April 1899, 2nd year, no. 4
"Ver Sacrum", magazine of the Union of Austrian Artists, 1901, 4th year, no. 8, 1901