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Standing Nude Girl with Orange Stockings, 1914

Leopold Museum,
Black chalk, gouache on paper
48.5×32.1 cm


  • Egon Schiele

    (Tulln 1890–1918 Vienna)

Unfortunately not on display at the moment
The work on paper Standing Nude Girl with Orange Stockings, created in 1914, stages the body of the subject in a frontal view with clear contours, executed in chalk. These contours emphasize the stereometric representation of the body, a frequent feature in Egon Schiele’s (1890–1918) works from this period which can also be found in the painting Blind Mother, created around the same time. In the work’s understated coloring, only the lips, nipples and stockings stand out in a rich orange, signaling an openly combative answer to a voyeuristically motivated (male) gaze. In addition to that, the head turned to the side with the hair fixed in a helmet-like fashion removes any trace of sensuality from the model’s nudity and instead presents it – in a blunt and unadorned manner – as the weapon of a woman able to defend herself.

Object data

  • Egon Schiele
Standing Nude Girl with Orange Stockings
Art movement
Graphic work
Black chalk, gouache on paper
48.5×32.1 cm
Signed and dated lower right: EGON SCHIELE 1914
Credit line
Leopold Museum, Vienna, Inv. 1429
Inventory access
Contributed to the Leopold Museum-Privatstiftung in 1994
Selection of Reference works
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  • Jane Kallir: Egon Schiele - The complete works. Expanded edition including a biography and a catalogue raisonné, New York 1998.
Catalogue raisonne
  • J. Kallir 1990/1998: D1488
  • Leopold 1972/2020: Taf. 146

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