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The Sin, 1902

Leopold Museum,
Lithograph and lithographic crayon on paper
85.5×58.2 cm


  • Edvard Munch

    (Løten 1863‒1944 Ekely)

Unfortunately not on display at the moment
The Norwegian artist Edvard Munch (1863–1944) created several versions of this motif of a female semi-nude with long, thick hair. Determined to gain a foothold in the local art world, Munch rented a studio in Berlin in the winter of 1902. During this time, he hired professional models. One of these women modeled both for a painting as well as for this lithograph: With her flowing, red hair, she epitomized the type of femme fatale of the time – the kind of fateful, seductive women who inspired both excitement and fear in men. Munch equated this with the religious concept of The Sin – man’s infringement of the divine law through the wrong lifestyle. The first, monochrome prints from the stone, which include this work, were followed by color prints with red hair, yellow lines on the belly and green eyes.

Object data

  • Edvard Munch
The Sin
Alternative title
Woman with Red Hair and Green Eyes. The Sin
Art movement
Symbolism, Expressionism
Graphic work
Lithograph and lithographic crayon on paper
85.5×58.2 cm
Credit line
Leopold Museum, Vienna, Inv. 2972
Inventory access
Contributed to the Leopold Museum-Privatstiftung in 1994
Selection of Reference works
  • Edvard Munch und das Unheimliche, hrsg. von Michael Fuhr, Wien 2009/2010 (Ausst.-Kat. Leopold Museum, Wien, 16.10.2009-18.01.2010).

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Provenance research
Leopold Museum i

Nachlass Edvard Munch, Oslo (1944); (1)
Stadt Oslo (1944-1963);
Munch-Museum, Oslo (ab 1963); (2)
Auktion: 23.06.1983, Galerie Kornfeld, Bern, Auktion 183, Los Nr. 598;
Dr. Rudolf Leopold, Wien (1983-1994); (3)
Leopold Museum-Privatstiftung, Wien (1994).

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