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Chair with Fan-Back, c. 1910 - 1920

Leopold Museum,
Dark stained beech
79.5×38×48 cm


  • Adolf Loos

    (Brno 1870–1933 Kalksburg/Vienna)

  • Friedrich Otto Schmidt
Currently on display at OG3
The architect and designer Adolf Loos (1870–1933) used this chair design again and again when furnishing apartments. It is first documented in 1903 (apartment Georg Roy, Vienna), while its last documentation dates back to 1929 (Villa Müller, Prague). The design is a variant of a traditional English “Fan-Back Windsor” chair. Loos often drew inspiration from English creations, which he adapted for his furniture designs. This economical approach of drawing on existing designs and modifying them according to individual requirements, was a hallmark of the designer’s work process. This model, for instance, is available with two different seat heights. The execution of the object was likely carried out by the company of Friedrich Otto Schmidt, with whom Loos often collaborated.

Object data

  • Design: Adolf Loos
  • Execution: Friedrich Otto Schmidt
Chair with Fan-Back
c. 1910 - 1920
Art movement
Wiener Werkstätte, Art Nouveau
Dark stained beech
79.5×38×48 cm
Credit line
Leopold Museum, Vienna, Inv. 6340
Inventory access
Asseccion 2018 2019
Selection of Reference works
  • Wien 1900. Aufbruch in die Moderne, hrsg. von Hans-Peter Wipplinger, Wien 2019 (Ausst.-Kat. Leopold Museum, Wien, ab 15.03.2019).

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Provenance research
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Galerie Julius Hummel, Wien (o.D.)
Leopold Museum-Privatstiftung, Wien (seit 2019); (1)

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