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Inner Forest (Study for “Ave”), 1895

Leopold Museum,
Oil on canvas
65.8×92.8 cm


  • Albin Egger-Lienz

    (Stribach near Lienz 1868–1926 Zwölfmagreien/Bolzano)

Unfortunately not on display at the moment
In the dim light of a stretch of dense forest, the trunks of the conifers stand tall, closely parallel to one another—the daylight seeping in hardly seems to reach the ground. The picture detail chosen by Albin Egger-Lienz (1868–1926) appears random, almost “photographic.” Individual trees are brought in close to the foreground. Quick open brushstrokes and lighter shades of color merely suggest the thick undergrowth. More attention is given by Egger-Lienz to such details as the rough gnarly bark and the spiky, splintered branches in the lower third of the tree trunks. By applying light translucent colors in the foreground and thicker, pastose, and increasingly darker ones in the background, he develops the impression of spatial depth and absorbed light. The titling, Inner Forest, suggests that the artist regarded this study of his painting Ave as a work in its own right.

Object data

  • Albin Egger-Lienz
Inner Forest (Study for “Ave”)
Art movement
Naturalism I Realism
Oil on canvas
65.8×92.8 cm
Signed and dated lower right
Credit line
Leopold Museum, Vienna, Inv. 485
Inventory access
Contributed to the Leopold Museum-Privatstiftung in 1994
Selection of Reference works
  • Albin Egger-Lienz: 1868-1926, hrsg. von Gert Ammann/Michael Fuhr, Wien 2008 (Ausst.-Kat. Leopold Museum, Wien, 15.02.2008–29.05.2008).
  • Wilfried Kirschl: Albin Egger-Lienz: 1868-1926; das Gesamtwerk; [Monographie in zwei Bänden], Wien 1996.
Catalogue raisonne
  • Kirschl 1996: M 88

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