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Reclining Woman, 1917

Leopold Museum,
Oil on canvas
96×171 cm


  • Egon Schiele

    (Tulln 1890–1918 Vienna)

Currently on display at OG3
For the monumental staging of this female nude, only partially covered with a piece of cloth, Egon Schiele (1890–1918) chooses a horizontal format and displays the subject from a top view. The posture of her wide-spread legs is mirrored in her arms folded behind her head, thus structuring the composition in two opposite, roughly symmetrical body halves. This projection of femininity expresses eroticism, sensuality and desire in an equally immediate and unadorned manner: Neither the amorphous background in golden yellow nor the white, billowing sheet offers any narrative context; on the contrary, the focus on the libido is even intensified by the textile that covers the center of the body. As evidenced by Exposed Reclining Woman. Study for ‘Reclining Woman’, 1916, the artist’s wife Edith Schiele presumably posed for this work; the head was altered, however. The painting was shown at the 49th Exhibition of the Vienna Secession in the spring of 1918, for which Schiele had also designed the poster “Round Table”. Thus, it was part of the exhibition that marked his first major financial success in Vienna.

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Object data

  • Egon Schiele
Reclining Woman
Art movement
Oil on canvas
96×171 cm
Signed and dated lower half right: EGON SCHIELE 1917
Credit line
Leopold Museum, Vienna, Inv. 626
Inventory access
Contributed to the Leopold Museum-Privatstiftung in 1994
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