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The Large Poplar II (Gathering Storm), 1902/03

Leopold Museum,
Oil on canvas
100.8×100.8 cm


  • Gustav Klimt

    (Baumgarten near Vienna/Vienna 1862–1918 Vienna)

Currently on display at OG4
Gustav Klimt (1862–1918) found this large poplar and the adjoining avenue by the chapel Seehofkapelle in Litzlberg on the Attersee. In front of the low horizon we see a flowering meadow made up of individual brown, red and green dots of color forming an ornamental mass. The leaves of the poplar, too, combine to create a shimmery tangle of colors which to the art critic Ludwig Hevesi (1843–1910) looked like trout spots. The chapel represents the point of intersection between the composition’s horizontal and vertical structures.

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The artwork explained
by curator Ivan Ristić


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Object data

  • Gustav Klimt
The Large Poplar II (Gathering Storm)
Art movement
Art Nouveau
Oil on canvas
100.8×100.8 cm
Credit line
Leopold Museum, Vienna, Inv. 2008
Inventory access
Contributed to the Leopold Museum-Privatstiftung in 1994
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Catalogue raisonne
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