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Death mask of Egon Schiele, taken by Gustinus Ambrosi, 1918 (cast 1967)

Leopold Museum,
16.5×16 cm Presentation base: 22.5×21×20.8 cm


  • Gustinus Ambrosi

    (Eisenstadt 1893–1975 Vienna)

Unfortunately not on display at the moment
The plaster mask shows Egon Schiele’s (1890–1918) face in death. He died at the age of only 28 in the early hours of October 31, 1918. The cause of his premature death was the Spanish flue which was ravaging Vienna at the time and had already killed his six-months pregnant wife Edith three days earlier. Gustinus Ambrosi (1893–1975), who was deaf, was an emerging young sculptor. He had great appreciation for the painting of Schiele, whom he called in a letter the “Raphael of Expressionists”, although the two of them had never met in person. And yet, after receiving news of the young painter’s death, Ambrosi managed to go out and take with his own hands Schiele’s death mask on November 2, 1918. Of the original mask, three casts were made, which were in turn reproduced, and have been an integral part of Schiele’s commemoration to this very day.

Object data

  • Gustinus Ambrosi
Death mask of Egon Schiele, taken by Gustinus Ambrosi
1918 (cast 1967)
16.5×16 cm Presentation base: 22.5×21×20.8 cm
Credit line
Leopold Museum, Vienna, Inv. 6100
Inventory access
Accession 2017
Catalogue raisonne
  • ESDA ID 2019
Egon Schiele
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Provenance research
Leopold Museum i

Auktion: 10.12.1996, Wiener Kunstauktionen, Gemälde-Skulpturen-Kunst nach 1945, Los Nr. 103; (1)
Dr. Rudolf Leopold, Wien (1996-2010);
Privatsammlung Leopold, Wien (2010-2017);
Leopold Museum-Privatstiftung, Wien (seit 2017). (2)

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